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Postby sancho panchez » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:53 pm

What an unpleasant sounding little person you sound. Wellington Close just doesn't need people like YOU. It would appear that you don't give a fig about the environment in which we live, or the concerns of people like arty who likes to live a quiet and peaceful life and obviously DOES care about conditions at Welly Close. I agree with almost everything he/she has written and I bet the majority of inhabitants do too. Why should we put up with anti-social behaviour, commercial vehicles and dogs with their resultant excrement? Why on earth can't they take their dogs for a walk out of the grounds? At least when Huggins Edwards and Sharpe were the managing agents they were strict in enforcing the rule about letting to people on housing benefit. this is no longer enforced and I suspect that a lot of the anti-social behaviour emanates from this section of our fact I have witnessed it myself. Maybe YOU should think about moving if you don't want to co-exist with people who want to live a peaceful and orderly life without the fear of being bullied by malcontents like you. And no I don't vote Tory.
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