Do you want to sell your flat?

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Do you want to sell your flat?

Post by ellie1973 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:11 am

Hello - my partner & I are interested in buying a flat at Wellington Close. Please PM me if you are an owner.

You can get more money this way as no estate agency fees.

This is only for before the overcladding - if you cannot afford it (£70k+) we can help.
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Re: Do you want to sell your flat?

Post by Waltonwatcher » Fri Feb 19, 2016 4:38 pm

Welcome to the forum Ellie.

The below flat is for sale at 235k. Given the expected work soon I bet they would accept offers below that price if they can't afford the estimated 70k recladding figure. ... 95232.html

If the works cost 70k it would suggest they value the flat at 305k after the works. Note most 1 bedroom flats in Weybridge/Walton are now going for 240-250k. With 2 bed room flats priced 275-320k. Being slap bang in centre of Walton will definately push it above 300k. Especially with 2 supermarkets in walking distance. The Heart flats go for much more!

Good luck on your flat hunting. These flats are definately an interesting investment opportunity. Albeit you will be living on a building site for 1-2 years. Of course if the monies is requested for the works you may find 2-3 flats suddenly on the market in next few months.
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