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Re: Broadband

Post by Lewy » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:36 pm

John at Walton wrote:Ironically BT are currently upgrading a lot of their customers to faster speeds for free.

This is definitely NOT FREE, they will put you on a contact for faster broadband (with hardly any data limit) at a low price (same as your normal broadband price)
but soon as your contact runs out in one year BT will put you on default contact and you pay full price for high speed.

If you go over your data limit during the month they will charge an extortionate price for going over the data limit!
(for example, if you watch BT TV each weekend for the football you will go over your monthly data limit)

It not free, unless you renew your contact regularly and hardly go over your data limit!"
I'm no apologist for BT but this is totally incorrect.

Firstly I was upgraded to the faster speed for free and was not put on a new contract. The same is true for several of my friends.

Secondly watching BT TV does not count towards your data usage.

There are many reasons to criticise BT but not the ones you list.
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