Breakfast Marmalade----and Jam

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Breakfast Marmalade----and Jam

Postby unite2 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:54 pm

Nothing nicer than rounding off Saturday breakfast with a slice of toast and marmalade .
Opened a new pot of marmalade today and found I had to dig out a BLOCK of marmelade, because it was over jellified.
Has anyone else noticed the tendency of fruit jam and marmalade makers to emphasise the content of fruit in their pots which are then made in absolutely solidified form.
It appears we are no longer encouraged to buy the slightly runny form which allows the whole slice of toast to be evenly covered , edge to edge, in mouthwateringly even amounts of flavour . We are now expected to cover the toast with excessive lumps of conserve which refuses to break down into easily smoothed amounts.
From all you breakfast lovers , suggestions please as to suitable "spreadable" varieties of Marmelade ( and Jam ) and where to get 'em .
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Re: Breakfast Marmalade----and Jam

Postby Rooster555 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:26 pm

There is a stall at the Market each month and they sell wonderful marmalade and I bought some Grapefruit Marmalade which is really lovely. Its run by a local couple and the product is known as Cassy's Preserves, their contact number is 01932 889044.

Its very spreadable and very tasty!! :D :D
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Re: Breakfast Marmalade----and Jam

Postby Davros » Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:29 pm

Ditto the above, especially her Seville Orange marmalade. I buy it in bulk :wink: Mrs Davros loves it
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Re: Breakfast Marmalade----and Jam Cassy's Preserves

Postby magnolia » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:13 pm

Cassy's Preserves from the Farmer's Market

Having been so busy that I failed to get around to making my own this year, I bought some quince jelly from this stall in the Farmer's Market last week.

Absolutely fantastic. Really fair price too.

Then noticed the local phone number, searched and came up with this thread on here.

AND ... -preserves

They've got some really great flavours of marmalade, jams and pickles and even had pickled brussels sprouts which my daughter bought for Christmas.

I've just nicked the idea and made my own.

They have homemade dog biscuits and muffins too. Which one of us sampled by mistake, thinking they were for human consumption. Not me. :D Delicious, apparently.

And some very nice looking fresh veg on the preserve stall too.

I usually give the market a wide berth but the other farm vegetable stall had some great veg too. Bought fresh garlic and a giant romanesco broccoli both very reasonably priced.

Then the expensive goats cheese stall was also there too so delicious but expensive. Oh and Gould's cheddar now called Batch farm.
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