Welcome to Walton-on-Thames:

Walton-on-Thames, a town of approximately 23,000 residents is located in the north-west of Surrey. 


The name Walton is Anglo-Saxon in origin and is believed to mean ‘farm of the Britons. or ‘Saxon settlement’. Even before the Romans and the Saxons were present, there was a Celtic settlement here. The Anglo-Saxon word for the Celtic inhabitants who lived here before them is “Wealas”. 


It was suggested by the historian William Camden that Walton-on-Thames as the place where Caesar forded the river Thames on his second invasion of Britain. However his claim has since been refuted. In the Doomsday survey “waletona” was noted as having a church, two mills and a fishery.

Local Information:

Walton-on-Thames postcode: KT12

Walton-on-Thames dealing code: 01932 

Walton-on-Thames Borough: Elmbridge

Walton-on-Thames County: Surrey

Walton-on-Thames population: 22,834 (2011 Census)

UK Parliament Constituency: Esher and Walton

UK Parliament, Member of Parliament: Dominic Raab

Walton-on-Thames Fire & Rescue: Surrey Fire & Rescue 

Walton-on-Thames Police: Surrey Police

Walton-on-Thames Ambulance: South East Coast Ambulance Service

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